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  • NTP digital and analog Clocks, GPS time server, Time/Temperature display


About NTP [2011-06-17]
The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol and software implementation for synchronizing the clocks of computer systems.
The use of NTP has many advantages since it permits the automatic synchronization of all the equipment that is hooked up. In other words, the administrator does not have to go from machine to machine setting the local clock. Besides, security is reinforced with clock synchronization of the equipment hooked up, for the investigation of attacks to computers depends on checking the logs in different machines. The inconsistency of the time recorded by each machine makes this work impossible.

New model

  • Time/Temperature Display
  • Time/Temperature Display


    Display time and temperature alternately

    Software enables settings of both time and temperature

  • Temperature/Humidity display
  • Temperature/Humidity display


    Network connected temperature/humidity display

    Client software to enable centralized monitoring, and value checking